How Metabolic Prime Works…


Most people think that exercising to burn fat is all about working more or working harder.

This is flat out wrong.

When it comes to exercise, more is not better. Smarter is better.

If you want to have a metabolism that is operating at its prime, you have to take a different approach—one that science is showing works dramatically better to help you burn fat and sculpt muscle than most traditional workouts.


You see, when it comes to burning fat, the real action takes place at the hormonal level. You’ve probably heard of some of the main hormonal actors—molecules like insulin, testosterone, cortisol, and others.

What you may not know about are the metabolic priming activators—what we call MPAs. These special molecules are released from your muscles when you work out in a specific, “intelligent” way, and they take your fat-burning potential to the next level.

Metabolic Prime is designed specifically to release to trigger a flood of MPAs, creating a hormonal cascade that allows you to shed fat and sculpt muscle at the same time (something that is notoriously hard to do with most exercise programs).

This is done by working out as little as 15 minutes, 3 times a week. If you work out the right way that is all you need to revitalize your metabolism, bring it back to its prime, and burn fat the way you did when you were a teenager.

Here’s how it works…

Here's How It Works...

Phase #1: Awaken

phase-1The first three weeks is all about awakening the sleeping metabolism. We do this by working on your neuromuscular connections. Now, that’s a big word—neuromuscular—so what does it mean?

It’s the way your nerves talk to your muscles. Most people think metabolism is about building muscle. But the muscles can’t do anything without the nerves. So what we’re going to do in phase 1 is prime the nervous system so we can work on strength, balance, and coordination.

By focusing on neuromuscular connections first, we wake up the metabolism and set the stage for you to fully stimulate it and bring it back to its prime as we progress through each phase of the program.

Doing this is like giving your computer a software upgrade. You know how your computer starts running slow when it’s out of date—it seems to be bogged down somehow? But then you upgrade your software and voila, it’s running at prime speed again.

Well your metabolism is the same way. When we rebuild these neuromuscular connections it’s like upgrading your internal metabolic software.

Phase #2: Energize

phase-2I’m going to make an assumption about you. I’m guessing you have fat in places you don’t want it. Am I right?

Now here’s the interesting thing about that fat. It’s a wonderful fuel for your body.

If that’s true you might say, “But my fat just seems to sit there on my hips, thighs, tummy and everywhere else. Why doesn’t my body burn it for fuel?”

That’s a great question.

The reason this happens is that your metabolism has become rigid. It’s stuck in sugar burning mode so it can’t burn fat or any other fuels very efficiently anymore.

In phase 2, we are going to give you a fuel burning upgrade, we’re going to rehabilitate your metabolism and make it more flexible so it can and will burn up that fat and use it to fully energize your body.

Phase #3: Overload

phase-3In phase 3, we are going to overload your muscles using a special technique I developed with my brother. They’re called metabolic chains or super sets.

Using super sets, you are going to hit the same muscle over and over again during your workouts. Why is this important?

Because it creates what I call the metabolic aftershock.

You know when you have an earthquake—one of the really big ones—well, what happens afterward?

For hours and days you experience aftershocks.

That is precisely what you are going to do to your metabolism in this phase. By pushing hard and hitting the same muscles several times during the same workout, you create metabolic aftershocks that keep you burning calories up to 48 hours after your workout is over.

Phase #4: Max

phase-4This is the phase where we bring together everything you have learned in the program so far, put the pedal to the metal, and crank your metabolism up to its max.

This is metabolic conditioning at its best. You will be moving from the floor to standing, using explosive power moves as well as tight, burning tension reps.

If you have ever chopped wood, pushed a wheelbarrow up a steep hill or played tug-of-war, then you have a sense of what this phase will be like.

It’s going to be tough, but with the groundwork set in phases 1-3, you’ll be ready for it. And the best part? Pushing your body this way is going to crank your metabolic furnace up so you can burn fat as efficiently as possible.

By the time phase 4 is over, your metabolism will be functioning on a whole other level. It will be completely different from where it was when you started.

It will be back in its prime.

And you’ll feel better than you have in a long time. By triggering this powerful cocktail of all-natural hormones, you’ll not only burn fat but repair and rebuild your body and brain. Your health will improve, your mood will improve, you’ll sleep like a baby, and your cravings will naturally disappear.

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