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The Amazing True Story Behind...The World's Fastest Workout

See the Remarkable
Scientific Proof...

+66% +138% +215%
  • 45-SecondMetabolic
    ” Require LESS than 1 HOUR PER WEEK...
  • Reverses Metabolic Aging
    Even for those in Their 40s, 50s and 60+ (Research Below)...
  • Torches Fat Calories, Sculpts Lean Muscle And Re-Energizes You In Record Time...

As of today, traditional exercise is dead.

What used to take hours now requires mere minutes. Workouts that demanded 45 minutes a day now can be done in just 45 minutes a week.

As you’ll discover today, the breakthrough that makes this all possible isn’t some new workout gadget. Or a “magic” pill.

This isn’t something you can find in a gym or on some late-night infomercial.

The secret is found within the remarkable new discovery that your “teenage genes”
can be re-activated.

It turns out we can switch back ON the same body-rejuvenating capabilities we all thought we had lost long ago...

... thanks to a simple yet unique form of hyper-efficient motion I’m going to share with you today...

The “Micro-burst Breakthrough”...

The New Roadmap to Fitness for Those 35 and Older...

  • Takes Minutes, not Hours...
  • Fast Results, not Frustration...
  • Done Anywhere, not at Gym...
  • Burns Fat, not Muscle...
  • Lifts Energy, not Exhaustion...
  • Less Hunger, not More...
  • It’s FUN, not Painful...

Now anyone at ANY age can do this:

“Turn back ON” the production of the 5 primary age-defying, body-shaping molecules that teenagers naturally have in abundance.

Yet, traditional exercise won’t do it. It simply isn’t designed for that.

A new special new hyper-efficient form of motion is required:

“Metabolic Micro-bursts”, or micro-bursts for short.

Micro-bursts do far more than burn calories at a rapid rate and sculpt your muscle in record time...

..they REGENERATE the molecules that timewarp your metabolism back to the days when you could eat and move more freely.

And there’s more:

These 5 Molecules Prevent Most Age-Related Illnesses(Unfortunately, Most Of You Have These Molecules Turned OFF!)

These 5 molecules also protect your body from a serious disease-causing condition:

  • It’s a condition that’s at the heart of virtually every disease known to man...
  • It ravages your body by attacking the cells of your organs, bones, brain and skin...
  • It spreads rapidly once you hit 35, speeding up how fast your cells deteriorate...

You’ll read more about this vicious yet preventable condition in a moment.

Now, these 5 metabolic restoration molecules used to be found in your body when you were in your prime.

However, because of a faulty line of code in our DNA, these body-sculpting and health-protective molecules begin to vanish as we age.

And the fastest, most effective way to coax your body into producing them now is by using this breakthrough “micro-burst” technique I’ll show you today…

...one that gives you all the benefits of a teenager’s metabolism WITHOUT having to be active for hours and hours a day like a teenager…

… and you can do it all by using a very specific, scientifically-designed sequence of these micro-bursts for just 45 minutes PER WEEK...

FIRST: You MUST now come to terms with this fact:

It’s Not “Age” You Have To Worry About...

So your body is moving slower than it used to...

  • You sleep less soundly...
  • You put on weight more rapidly...
  • You feel less spunk and spirit than you did when you were younger...

Please don’t chalk all of this up to “growing older.”

It’s actually your metabolism that’s grown older, and I’ll prove it to you today.

The Problem is Not That You’ve Grown Older......It’s That Your Metabolism Has Aged Too Fast...

And the good news?

It can be “time-warped” back to the days when you moved with ease...

  • When you slept like a baby...
  • When you could eat your favorite foods without fearing weight gain...
  • When you felt more alive...

Think of it this way:

It’s Like A Metabolic Time Machine That
Boomerangs You Back To Your Teenage Years...

Thanks to this micro-burst breakthrough from the annals of metabolic science, success stories we’re receiving every day are becoming the “new ordinary”:

  • Retirees are returning to their prime, sculpting
    lean, calorie-burning muscle, enjoying
    newfound “drive” and getting back into a spirit
    of play... all while their buddies struggle to get
    out of bed in the morning.
  • Empty-nesters are re-entering their prime and
    dropping pant and dress sizes in a matter of
    weeks... many are being mistaken for the
    “brother” or “sister” of their kids...and not even
    their college friends can keep up with all that
  • Busy parents from all walks of life and every part of the world are enjoying prime-of-life energy that reminds you of when you were a youngster, bounding about in a playful state, and full of optimism and excitement.

It all began when a group of scientists became hell-bent on discovering the connection between these 5 super molecules and aging metabolisms.

What they discovered, and I later perfected, went on to change how we look at “exercise” forever.

I’ll share that story with you in just a moment.

First, let’s make sure you are where you need to be today...

If Any Of These Conditions Apply To You,
Then You Are In The Right Place Today...

I value your time, and I know how precious the hours of the day are to you. So let’s make sure reading this heart-felt letter is the best use of your time today.

Do any of the conditions below apply to you? (check all that apply)...

Your stubborn fat remains fixed to your belly, hips, thighs, and chest area… and sometimes it feels permanent, perhaps even hopeless…

Your muscle tone is fading as quickly as the days are passing…and sometimes it feels like the parts of your body you like the best are just withering away before your eyes…

Fatigue sets in as that energy cyclone you used to enjoy when you were younger now resembles a tumbleweed hobbling through a ghost town… and it feels at times like the only acceleration in your life is toward death...

And what about those “aging ailments” like (check all that apply):

Sore muscles and “squeaky” joints...forget about bending at the knees or playing with the kiddos… after all, “You’re past your prime!”... UNTRUE, and I’ll PROVE it to you.

Hormonal ups and downs that leave you confused, hot, moody, and dead in bed… deal with it because, “You’re past your prime!”... ANOTHER LIE, and today you’ll get the truth.

Sagging, blotchy, itchy skin… all part of the plan, as “You’re past your prime!”... BALONEY, and wait until you hear why.

Digestive distress and constipation… just a normal part of growing old because hey, “You’re past your prime!”... A DEADLY MISCONCEPTION that you need to flush down the drain!

“Old Man Drag”... Has your get-up-and-go left town ages ago? Are you sick and tired of being sick and tired… and being lapped by guys half your age, but with a quarter your smarts? LET’S DRIVE A STAKE INTO THIS ENERGY VAMPIRE and get a bit of harmless revenge by beating the younger guys at their own game!

If any of these life-suckers apply to your present condition, then you absolutely MUST READ this letter carefully.

It will show you the new roadmap to fitness and health over 35.

Before I reveal more, let me ask you the same question I asked my most prestigious clients 17 months ago.

It’s the question that started an exercise revolution that’s now taking place the world over...

“If I Could Give You The Metabolism Of A Teenager, How Much Would It Be Worth To You?”

Dr. Jade Teta

  • BS in Biochemistry
  • Doctorate in Naturopathic Medicine
  • Personal Trainer for 25 years
  • 10,000+ Personal Training Sessions
  • Inventor of Rest-Best Training

My name is Dr. Jade Teta, and I’ll be sharing a bit more about myself in just a moment.

And I’ll let you know how my celebrity clients answered that question.

How did YOU answer it?

If I “could” give you the metabolism of a teenager, how much would it be worth to you?

Now, I don’t like to brag, but you need to know why I am the most qualified person on the planet to deliver this message to you…

...and why I CAN help you restore your metabolism to that of a teenager.

Later on, I’ll share some of the most inspiring success stories you’ve ever heard…

like Steve, who shed “a very stubborn” 19 pounds… faster than he ever dreamed was possible...and who now fits back into his high school jeans at the age of 51...

or Stephanie, who gave almost every dress she owns to Goodwill after dropping over 10 dress sizes… all without counting a single calorie OR leaving her home...

or Gabe, who added 7 pounds of calorie-burning muscle mass to his thin frame at the age of 61, and who now is being mistaken for “the older brother of my 40 year old son!”

Most of My Clients Thought I Was Pulling Their Leg...

However, when I gave them my “I’m serious!” look, here’s what they said:

  • “Are you kidding... that’s priceless!”
  • “I’d pay millions!”
  • “Worth its weight in gold!”

They assumed I was teasing when I told them, “Well, I can.”

And guess what?

They believed it without question just a few weeks later after they saw the results for themselves:

...less than an hour a week, incredible energy, the best sleep of their lives, a remarkable sense of calm… not to mention a re-energized love life!

No wonder they’re all smiling from ear to ear!

Just have a look for yourself:

3 Simple Questions Reveal How You’ll Feel When
You Get Back To The Prime of Your Life:

Make sure you answer these honestly for the best results...

QUESTION #1: “I used to be able to __________!”

What’s the one thing that leaps to your mind right now that you wish you could do today that you used to be able to do without even thinking about it?

Is it your favorite hobby? Is it, “Get up and out of bed without these aches!” Is it connecting romantically to your partner more frequently?

Keep this in your mind as you read my letter to you. This is one definition of your “personal prime of life”... and I want to help you get it back!

QUESTION #2: “I just don’t have enough time to _____________!”

What’s the one thing you wish you had more time for in your life? You may not realize it, but part of being in your prime is an almost uncanny ability to find more time in your day.

When you were younger, time seemed to move slower, didn’t it? That’s because you had more natural energy. The days seemed longer, and you were able to do a lot more. Let’s get you back to those days!

QUESTION #3: “If I could change one thing on my body without resorting to plastic surgery, I would ____________!”

Everyone has a part of their body they’d like to change. And chances are this body part gets more of your attention as the years roll on.

Returning to your prime means having a body that you feel comfortable in...one that moves at your command, looks and feels youthful and energetic, and one that’s less susceptible to disease.

So let’s move you back to your metabolic prime so you can revive this body part… and much, much more!

Now, the program I gave them, and I'm about to give to you, was designed for

This Reawakens The “Youth Genes”
Currently Dormant Inside Your Body
And Returns You To Your Metabolic PRIME...

“It's Not the Total Time Spent Exercising... It's the Genetic Response It Creates”


It’s not about the time you put into exercise. In fact, the optimal exercise interval is only 45 seconds if you’re over the age of 35…

… it’s about the genetic response each movement creates. That’s where the magic is found.

Micro-bursts create a powerful genetic response. They “rewrite” an outdated part of your DNA that’s currently dormant, covered by the rust of time.

These genes signal your brain to release the same 5 molecules present in the metabolisms of LEAN AND HEALTHY TEENAGERS.

This molecular restoration will give you the next best thing to having the same fat-burning, muscle-sculpting, energy-soaring benefits as you had back in the prime of your life!

And These 5 Powerhouse Molecules Have
A Unique Set Of Rejuvenating Skills:

They are specifically designed to burn fat and sculpt lean muscle at the same time… something that’s notoriously difficult to do!

In youthful, teenage bodies, these molecules are produced in massive quantities.

That’s why most teenagers can eat like a horse and stay lean… while at the same time adding lean muscle and healthy bone to their bodies.

Why do their bodies produce so many of these molecules naturally?

Because teenagers move at will.

Most of us over 35 do not have the physical ability -- or the time -- to move like a teenager.

Yet movement is the secret behind the production of these molecules.

Teenagers Don’t Just Look Healthy And Fit:
They Have The Energy And Drive To Go On Forever...

What Would It Be Like to Enjoy Life As A Teenager Again?

  • More Energy...
  • More Focus...
  • More Drive...
  • More Sleep...
  • More FUN!

Wouldn’t it be nice to have THAT again?

So ask yourself this:

What if you could reawaken these 5 metabolic molecules without having to move like a teenager?

How much easier would it be to lose weight, sculpt your body and revitalize your health…

...if you had these metabolic molecules working for you around the clock?

  • MUCH easier...
  • MUCH faster...
  • MUCH healthier...

In fact, there’s no other way to get it done.

Without these good guys working on your behalf, your body will continue to betray you… year after year… after agonizing year.

I know you don’t want to continue living like this… and you don’t have to.

There’s a remarkably simple way to reclaim the energy, drive, lust for life, and body of your PRIME...

This Genetic “Reset” Is The Secret To A Leaner, Fitter, Energetic, And More Youthful Body...

The idea is simple: Get the MOST results in the least possible time. No wasted effort. No wasted time.

If you’re over 35, you can continue going about things the hard way...exercising for hours, nibbling on rabbit food like a supermodel, or just let your body continue to disintegrate with the passing years.

Or you can take what I’ll show you today and leverage the power of this genetic reset by moving smart.

Today I’ll show you how to move smart and put these 5 molecules to work for you so you can...

  • INCINERATE even your most stubborn body fat in record time...
  • MOLD your muscles the way a sculptor molds clay and creates that lean, sleek, toned physique everyone wants...
  • ENERGIZE the power centers of your body’s cells called the mitochondria, giving you near boundless and jitter-free pep...
  • REJUVENATE aging organs, bones, and skin, leaving you feeling as fantastic as you look...
  • SHIELD your brain from the ravages of age, keeping you sharp and mentally nimble throughout your years...

It's Just 45 Minutes Per Week!

That Means NO More...

  • Separate workouts for “cardio” vs. “strength”...
  • Wasting hours driving back-and-forth to the gym...
  • Feeling guilty because you couldn't “find the time”...

These 5 molecules work together like a
molecular tag-team…

...so all of these benefits are delivered to you at the same time… and in just 45 minutes PER WEEK.

That’s not per day… your total time investment per week is a mere 45 minutes.

That means no more “strength” workouts, followed by “cardio” workouts, with “flexibility” workouts tacked on for extra measure.

And you can forget about doing crazy mental exercises to keep your brain sharp, or downing a ton of supplements to protect your bones from withering away.

Exercise and diet alone cannot come close to the power of having these metabolic molecules working for you, 24/7 around the clock.

Their near superhuman ability to move at lightning speed while performing so many youth-regenerative tasks all at once has caused some folks to nickname them “Molecular Superheroes”...

However, scientists refer to them as...

Your 5 Metabolic Priming Activators That
Can Now Be Resurrected In Just Minutes...

MPAs are Like Metabolic
“Drill Sergeants” That Command Your Body to:

  • Burn More Fat...
  • Sculpt Lean Muscle...
  • Strengthen Bones...
  • Digest Food Better...
  • Think Faster...

The 5 “superhero” molecules that these micro-burst sessions produce are genetic
signaling agents
that “talk” to key parts of your metabolism.

The technical term for them is “Metabolic Priming Activators”... or “MPAs.”

Think of MPAs as metabolic drill sergeants... barking orders to your brain, muscles, and internal organs, and forcing them to obey every command.

They program your metabolism to work on auto-
pilot in the background.

For example, they send signals to your fat cells, such as...

“Hey, you need to burn more fat! The game is on, and you need more energy.”

And to your muscle

“Say... it’s time to sculpt some lean muscle on those legs and backside… it’s mating season, and you need to look your sexy best!”

And to your bones

“Yo! Bones! You need to get stronger to support your youthful, growing body!”

And to your organs

“Liver! Kidneys! Stomach! Heart! All you guys get in line and start using more FAT for fuel, get rid of all that sugar you just ate, and digest everything like a MACHINE!”

And even to your brain

“Clear up those neural pathways so you can think clearer and remember every- thing for that test tomorrow...”

Your 5 sleeping MPAs… currently dormant in your DNA...hold the greatest promise ever seen when it comes to restoring your metabolism to the prime of your life.

And when your metabolism gets back to it’s prime, guess what happens to your body… your energy… your ability to burn fat and sculpt muscle?

Welcome to the metabolic time machine!

In a few seconds, I’m going to offer you the specific sequence of metabolic motions designed to turn back on your MPA production…

  • This will include the “micro-burst” moves I recommend for beginners (you can
    even do this sitting on the couch)...
  • ...intermediate-level fitness folks (if you’re a weekend warrior or in decent
    shape, you’ll LOVE this)...
  • ...and advanced fitness junkies like me (think 45 seconds sounds easy? Just
    wait until you try this on for size!

Now, let’s meet these 5 microscopic body transformers...

Say Hello To Your Body’s 5 Best Metabolic Friends...

Each of these 5 superhero-like molecules serve a specific fat-burning, muscle-sculpting, and energy-producing function inside your body.

When you generate all 5, the Time Warp Effect kicks in…

… and your metabolism is RETURNED to the PRIME of life!

MPA #1: IL-15 - “The Holy Grail of Body-Shaping”IL-15 literally burns fat and enhances muscle and bone density at the same time.4 And it can only be produced if you’re using metabolic micro-bursts designed to “reprogram” this section of your dormant DNA, turning IL-15 up to the MAX!

MPA #2: Nitric Oxide - “The Surge Commander”Nitric Oxide reopens your closing blood vessels so your circulation surges to every vital organ.5 Plus for the guys: It’s the substance released by those “little blue pills”. Your body will feel more firm from head to toe!

MPA #3: Lactic Acid - “The Youth-Hormone Activator”Lactic Acid signals the MALE brain to secrete more hardening and strengthening testosterone6...and in the ladies, more of the fat-burning, age-defying, feel-good HGH!7

MPA #4: IL-6 - “The Fat Cell Liberator”IL-6 is transformed by micro-burst training from a deadly inflammatory molecule into a fat cell liberator...releasing your stored fat on contact so your body can burn it for fuel!8

MPA #5: IL-8 - “The Blood Vessel Savior”IL-8 is responsible for resurrecting and creating NEW blood vessels9… and that leads to more lean muscle, more life-giving oxygen, and greater nutrient distribution throughout your body!

And These Youthful “Metabolic Superheroes”
Have Nothing To Do With How Old You Are...

With This Technique
You Can Switch Back
ON These Metabolic Superheroes Regardless of Your Age...

When these molecules were first discovered, researchers assumed that they were gifts of youth. Since they are abundant in the bodies of teenagers, it seemed obvious.

They were DEAD WRONG.

In the late 2000s, a group of scientists who were bound and determined to connect the dots between motion and MPA production uncovered the truth.

What they discovered demands that we rewrite the exercise textbooks:

  • It turned out that it wasn’t “youth” that was driving the creation of MPAs. Rather, it was a specific KIND of motion that teenagers do naturally.
  • Teenagers move a lot more than we do, but it isn’t the amount of movement that signals these molecules to go to work burning fat and toning muscle.
  • Rather, it is a “burst-like” motion that signals their brains to flood their bodies with the molecules of youth.

My team and I took this research and created our “youth cocktail” micro-burst groupings.

We called them Metabolic Primer Sequences because they re-awaken those dormant “youth genes”…

...and produce the MPAs that return you to your prime.

We put these Primer Sequences to the test with men and women clientele, ranging from 32 to 89 years of age.

The results were nothing short of staggering:

“At 51, I’m 30 All Over Again ...”

I lost 35 lbs., 38 inches and went from a size 16 to a size 6. My friends say I look 30 all over again. I’m so much stronger and I have unlimited energy.

At 51, I have energy to spare and I can play forever with my granddaughters without getting tired. This program worked wonders for me and I FEEL so much healthier. Here is a picture of me in my old wedding dress - I just tried it on and it fits! It’s been 25 YEARS since I could wear that dress!

April Stevens
Stromsburg, NE

“I’m 66, and I look 20 years younger ...”

Without a doubt, this is the best program I’ve ever done. I’m down 33 lbs. and I feel fantastic. My knees and hips used to bother me a lot, and surprisingly, the pain has almost disappeared. My energy levels have increased, and my strength has substantially improved.

In the beginning I could barely perform 10 pushups on my knees, and now I can bust out 50-60 REAL pushups with excellent form. How many 66 year-old men can do that? I can.

Jeff Jones
Philadelphia, PA

10 Years... 20 Years... GONE!

Mike Looks 20 Years Younger...

Vanessa Looks 10 Years Younger...

Kristen Looks 15 Years Younger...

This is great news if you are over the age of 35, because the most recent research into these molecules confirmed what my team and I discovered:

You Only Need 45-Second “Microbursts” To
Unleash Your Youth-Restoring MPAs...

These 45-Second “Micro-Bursts”
Are Perfect For Those Who:

  • Work at a Demanding Job...
  • Juggle Work and Family Time...
  • Have Jam-Packed Schedules...
  • Don't Have Time for the Gym...
  • Just Want to See Results Fast...

Time is a commodity. One that isn’t exactly on your side these days.

Between the hours you put in sitting at your desk, running errands, taking care of family, and simply existing, the clock seems to be ticking away at warp speed.

And the LAST thing you have time for is slaving away on a treadmill or going to a gym. And even if you wanted to, you can’t move like you did when you were a teenager.

Fortunately, you don’t have to.

In what has to be the anti-aging breakthrough of our generation, you can now “trick” your genes into doing the hard work FOR YOU.

And you can do it in 45-second micro-bursts. Each Primer Sequence lasts only 15 minutes, and requires less than 45 minutes PER WEEK to produce rapid, consistent weight loss and muscle-sculpting power at the same time.

Just remember:

It’s not about “exercise”...it’s about the micro-bursts that trigger MPA production.

THAT is what makes ALL the difference.

Recent scientific research confirms this truth.

A study conducted at University of Copenhagen revealed that these youth-empowering molecules were not produced by long bouts of exercise. It was microburst-style movements that jarred sleepy MPAs back to life.10

Now get this:

Longer exercise sessions were counter-productive and actually SHUT DOWN MPA production.

That means...

It’s Literally “The World's Fastest Workout”...

Do what I’m about to show you and you will...

  • Leave the metabolism-wrecking “Crossfitters” to their sore joints and constant injuries. YOU will be stronger, more flexible, and more fit in a fraction of the time...
  • Forget about the metabolic NIGHTMARE that results from marathon-style workouts. YOU will lose weight faster and sculpt your physique without the needless pounding...
  • Ditch the “cardio bunnies” and starvation diet fanatics whose snail-like
    metabolisms force them to rely on willpower and deprivation. YOU will make
    them all wonder how on earth you’re doing it... and making it all look almost
    too easy.

YOU will re-experience the METABOLISM of your youth...and THAT is your secret weapon in the war on body fat, low energy, and aging.

Virtually every other workout SLOWS your metabolism by overtaxing your nervous system. Some can even destroy it.

Yet these micro-bursts time-warp your metabolism back to when you could eat the foods you loved… to when you had the energy to move however you please… to when you felt like taking on the world.

It takes you back to your metabolic prime.

Just 15 minutes, 3 days per week is all that’s needed to make it all happen.

Now, I have to give you a stern warning:

If You’re Over 35, Traditional Exercise
Is Your Mortal Enemy...

Why Traditional
Exercise Stinks...

  • It's TOO long...
  • It's TOO boring...
  • It's TOO hard on your body...
  • It can accelerate aging...
  • It doesn't deliver results...

Right now you may be beating yourself up for not exercising more often.

You’ve heard it a million times:

“You need to exercise every day!”

Well, here’s a reality pill for you:

Your busy schedule is only matched by your declining energy...so you don’t have the time or the motivation to exercise.

You attract aches and pains as the years pass like hobos on the train of time...so you certainly don’t feel like bobbing about these days.

And if you’re over 60?

You’re worried about retiring with a body that’s riddled with illness and pain… you want to enjoy your golden years and the free time they give you...and with the energy and health you desire.

And you must detest the thought of exercising for 30 minutes or more…seeing hardly anything for your efforts.

It’s worse than that:

Traditional exercise actually ages you faster.

That’s because it can unleash a storm of oxidative stress molecules.

That's a fancy way of saying it can rust you from the inside out...

...by pushing your body too hard, for too long, causing your body to slowly disintegrate.

And even worse…

Your Body Is Being Flooded With “Zombie” Molecules That Are Eating Your #1
Calorie-Burning Tissue...

To track down why Metabolic Primer Sequences work wonders in the bodies of men and women over 35, we first had to examine what wasn’t working…

… and as you’ve already read, what doesn’t work is traditional exercise:

  • It takes too long. Originally, we believed this was the simple
    answer. People are just too busy to spend hours in the gym.
  • It’s too hard on your body. You’ll spend more time recovering than
    exercising. Workouts should be fun. Not make you suffer.
  • It’s boring as hell! Who wants to exercise for hours at a shot?

While these facts remain true, there’s more to the story:

It turns out that as you age and become more sedentary, your body starts producing a dangerous set of inflammatory molecules.

These molecules are also produced if you exercise too long.

We refer to them as zombie molecules.

The scientific names for these molecules are IL-6, TNFa, and IL-1.

They sound innocent, yet they create an environment inside your body that resembles a horror movie:

A Zombie Molecule Is An Inflammatory Particle That Attacks Your Own Tissues!!!

Gloria is only 38!

Much like an autoimmune disease like ALS, Lupus, Psoriasis, or Thyroid Dysfunction, your body literally turns on itself.

And when you have thousands of these zombie molecules all working in cahoots, it’s like an army of the walking dead, running rampant inside our aging bodies… thriving on decaying flesh.

Now, I’m not trying to be vulgar, but thanks to these little scavengers, you may soon be left with what is essentially rotting tissue covering your body.

Sam is only 49!

Sounds terrifying, doesn’t it?

It’s happening all around you, and I’ll prove it:

Have you ever seen someone who looked 10 or even 20 years older than their actual age?

Their body was producing millions of these zombie molecules.

And when YOU are attacked by these molecules, your muscle is robbed of its life as your entire body becomes ravaged by a fiery inferno of destructive inflammation...

And Your Toxic Degree Of Inflammation Is
At The Heart Of Weight Gain, Aging And Disease...

You’ve probably heard the term inflammation many times. What does it mean?

Elevated Inflammation is Linked to Virtually
EVERY Disease:

  • Heart Attack
    100% Increased Risk!11
  • Type 2 Diabetes:
    160% Increased Risk!12
  • Skin Cancer:
    70% Increased Risk!13
  • Alzheimer's:
    184% Increased Risk!14
  • Dementia:
    45% Increased Risk!15

Think of inflammation as a fire inside every cell of your body. One that’s fueled by toxic molecules.

It chars your body from the inside-out.

That’s why medical experts everywhere agree: inflammation is at the heart of virtually every disease known to mankind.

Heart disease, cancer, diabetes, and hundreds of other conditions are accelerated when these inflammatory molecules are released.

The result? Your metabolism shuts down, and your body is forced to cannibalize your organs and muscle in order to survive.

And here is what’s even worse:

Your “Leaky” Fat Cells:
Toxic Killers That Age And Inflame Your Body!

You want your fat cells to work properly. Otherwise you will never lose weight.

So the last thing you want is a billion fat cells that are toxic sewage dumps waiting to explode.

Unfortunately, due to our “sit while we work” lifestyle, poor food choices, poisons in the air and water, and that nasty line of code in your DNA…

...as you approach the age of 35, your fat cells begin to “leak”.

Are YOUR Fat Cells Leaking?

Instead of releasing healthy fatty acids for your metabolism to burn as energy, they spew out deadly inflammatory zombie molecules such as IL-1 and TNFa.16

These “septic” molecules are like acid. Poured into your system, they dissolve living tissue over time and age you rapidly.

They also create a condition known as Diabetic Liver Disorder. This means your liver can no longer process sugars or carbohydrates.

So you get fat. And you get sick. And your risk for diseases such as diabetes, Alzheimer’s, heart disease and cancer skyrocket!

And you can bet your life on what I'm about to say:

Those Workouts You See In The Gym Or On TV
Are Not The Cure... They're The Disease...

The scary part is the role traditional exercise plays in creating these conditions:

  • They deplete your body’s lagging energy rather than giving you
    more of it.
  • They ravage your sensitive tissues with disease-causing
    ...not just zombie particles, but also little rogue “organ
    killers” that age your body and wreak havoc on your system.
  • And they SUCK! Let’s face it: “old school” exercise not only doesn’t
    work if you’re over 35… it’s dreadfully boring, routine and no fun at

So what if you do nothing?

Then you’re trapped inside a body that’s not only going to age more rapidly as the days go by…. it’s going to wither under the stress you’re under.

You Need The Only System On The Planet
Designed To Stimulate Your MPA Production
As You Strip Away The Fat And Shape Your Body
In Just 45 Minutes PER WEEK!

Growing older isn’t for sissies as they say… and you absolutely need a “smart” workout that gives you the best of all worlds:

  • Fun and simple enough that YOU’LL DO IT
  • Fast enough that you’ll be able to FIND THE TIME
  • Delivers stunning results that KEEP YOU MOTIVATED...

You need a plan that delivers the most results in the least amount of time…

One that...

  • ENGAGES your body’s fatty acid metabolism so it’s forced to rely on your stored body fat for fuel…17
  • DEMANDS your body to burn fat for up to 48 hours after you finish…18
  • RESHAPES your sagging muscle to give you those curves and bulges where you want ‘em… and to give you the strength to keep up with those half your age…19
  • CLEANS your body’s clogged-up “energy pipeline” to give you the go-getter juice that you had in your younger years…20
  • IMPROVES your blood flow to every part of your body by increasing the number and health of your capillaries… VITAL to keep your extremities from “the tingles” or getting cold all the time…21
  • ENHANCES your brain function, which you enjoy each and every day with more confidence, happiness, and that feeling of being “on the ball”...22

...and one that allows you to do it all in less than 45 minutes PER WEEK!

Introducing Metabolic Prime:The Fastest Workout On Earth That’s
Designed To Restore Your Metabolism
To The Prime Of Your Life!

  • Just 15 Minutes, 3 Times a Week...
  • “Micro-burst” Moves Are Only 45 Seconds...
  • Shreds Fat and Sculpts Muscle for 48 Hours After...
  • No Gym Needed, Can be Done Anywhere...
  • Variations for Beginners or Those With Limitations...
  • Advanced Options for Those Wanting “Hard Core”...

Metabolic Prime is not only the Fastest Workout On Earth… it’s the most flexible.

Designed with 4 Unique Phases For All Levels Of Fitness (beginner, intermediate & advanced), Metabolic Prime meets you RIGHT WHERE YOU ARE.

Here are just a few of the surprises that await you:

Surprisingly Short...

  • You’re over and done in less than 15 minutes FLAT!
  • Ideal for total beginners, intermediate folks, and even advanced-level fitness experts!

Stunningly Effective...

  • Forget about doing cardio, resistance training, and stretching in three tedious workouts...get it all done in ONE super-short session!
  • Let your increased MPAs keep doing the hard work for you...burning fat calories, hardening soft, saggy muscle for up to 48 HOURS after!

Speedy Results...

  • Within DAYS, you’ll see and feel a difference in your body!
  • Within no time, excess weight will come off, your muscle will take on that “sculpted” look, and your energy will surprise everyone around you. Expect
    a lot of compliments!

Super Convenient...

  • Do it anywhere you like: at home, at work, on vacation, at the park, in the gym… you name it!
  • No cumbersome equipment needed!

Surprisingly Customized...

  • Never force yourself through another grueling workout that drain your body’s energy reserves...Metabolic Prime automatically conforms to YOUR body and needs!
  • You call the shots: REST when YOU want… for as LONG as you need! And then you get back into it ONLY when you’re ready...

Supremely Motivating...

  • No one on God’s green earth can motivate you to move like I can...that’s a guarantee!
  • Plus the speed of your results will keep you on the edge of your seat,
    eagerly awaiting your next session!

Superior Variety...

  • You’ll never repeat the same workout twice!  There’s so much variety, you’ll feel like your going on a new adventure every time!
  • These workouts are a BLAST...many report they’re downright addictive!

Safety First...

  • Most workouts are hard on your joints. They rely too much on high-impact movements to get what little results they do. Metabolic Prime actually
    nurtures your joints and ligaments!
  • Designed with variations for anyone at any age, these workouts will not
    only give you the results you desire...they’ll do it while ensuring your safety!

The 4-Phase Metabolic Progression Design:Select The Phase You Want To Dive Into
And I'll Take Over From There!

It doesn’t matter if you’re a total workout newbie who hasn’t left the couch for so much as a trip to the fridge, or a seasoned athlete wanting to hone and tone your body like never before…

I have your back… and The Metabolic Prime 4-Phase Progression Protocol will keep you COMING BACK until you get the physique, energy, health, and youthful metabolism you deserve…

Each of our 4 Phases are designed to ease your body and metabolism back into its prime and systematically transform your metabolism from the ground-up, one
step at a time:

Phase 1: Awaken!

We’re about to pour some metabolic espresso into your veins and get your body ready for the transformation ahead!

Phase 1 is like downloading new metabolic software right into your body. The targeted moves in Phase 1 will re-activate your dormant MPA genetics and flip them to the ON POSITION for as long as you desire.

The Phase 1 Secret: Your Nerve Nexus

In this phase you’ll re-teach your body how to fully-activate your muscles.  And the more a muscle is activated, the more fat it burns for fuel!

How?  Your nerves control your muscle… and the more muscle your nerves fire off, the more fat calories you burn.


  • Your body will be turned into a fat calorie-burning machine!
  • You’ll improve strength, conditioning, and coordination all at once!
  • You can start right now, no matter what shape you’re in!

We’ll retrain your nerve nexus to get your muscle fibers firing at peak capacity… and do it in just 45 seconds… turning your body into a calorie-using machine.

You’ll finally experience the fat-burning or rapid reshaping those other workouts promised you and never delivered!

Phase 2: Energize!

Now that your metabolic machine is ready, it’s time for some high-octane fuel from the one place that will make you the happiest: YOUR FAT CELLS.

Most folks are stuck using sugar and carbs for fuel… unable to access those ugly pockets of fat to burn as energy.

That’s a huge problem because you’re able to store only about 2,000 calories as sugar/carbs… but over 135,000 as fat!

In phase 2 that all changes as your metabolism learns to burn BOTH sugar and body fat for a TURBOCHARGED, BODY-SCULPTING EFFECT.

The Phase 2 Secret: Your Hybrid Fuel Source

You’ll discover how awesome it feels to have ENERGY ON TAP to do anything you want, anytime you want to. No longer will your body fat remain “stuck”... locked on your face, belly, hips, butt and thighs.

Instead, it will now be used as a virtually unlimited source of fuel.

  • Your metabolism will be rewired to start burning your body fat and the carbs you eat in your diet as fuel!
  • You never have to rely on “burning off” excess fat calories by working out for hours… your MPAs will take care of this FOR YOU!
  • Your fat/sugar fuel super-combo means your energy is about to take off like a rocket as your body uses this hybrid fuel source to sculpt your muscle and shred your body fat!

Phase 3: Overload!

Did you know that you would burn off over 8 POUNDS of fat in 48 HOURS… if you exercised without stopping? Fortunately, you don’t have to!

Think of Phase 3 as the closest thing possible to
48 hours of continuous fat calorie-burning

While you’re sleeping, watching TV, or just hanging
out with your friends and family, the The Aftershock
Effect generated by these super-efficient 15-minute
will be generating even more energy, greater
lean muscle, and stripping off those pesky pounds FAST!

The Phase 3 Secret: Your Aftershock Autopilot

Right now your energy circuits are firing like they never have before. Even though you’ve long finished your last workout, The Aftershock Effect keeps your body and metabolism working out for you for up to 48 hours!

If your workout was a 6.3 on the Richter Scale, Aftershock will bump it to an 8.5 AUTOMATICALLY. Your body is now rejuvenating itself ON AUTOPILOT… and it feels like you’re progressing by the MINUTE!


  • Your progress is automatic… your body’s MPAs have taken charge, and The Aftershock Effect is running the metabolic show!
  • Your work is DONE in just 15 minutes, 3 days per week. For the next 48 hours, your body-sculpting is on AUTOPILOT… so you can relax and enjoy!
  • For 2-3 days after your workout, you can see and feel your muscles firming and your body fat disappearing.  Your ageless metabolism is now firmly in charge...and you are on CRUISE-CONTROL, BABY!

Phase 4: Max!

Now it’s time… it’s on, and your MPAs are about to reach max capacity.

Through the use of full-body hybrid moves designed to quickly accelerate MPA production, you are now burning fat and building lean muscle almost as if you were a teenage athlete.

Why? Because you’ve entered your MAX Metabolic Prime!

The Phase 4 Secret: Your MPA Takeover

Every Phase in Metabolic Prime releases MPAs into your system so they can do the hard work for you. However, in Phase 4, this is MPA MAX TAKEOVER!

We’ll FLOOD your body with as many MPAs as possible, and set you on the path to around-the-clock progress, while still only needing 45 minutes PER WEEK of exercise!


  • You’ll never have to worry about “backsliding” or falling off the workout
    wagon. Your MPAs will be signaling your brain to keep going and ROCK
    Let your MPAs do the hard work!
  • You finally see the body and energy you truly deserve...what you’ve longed to witness for years is now clearly visible to everyone around you...and you
  • You are ready to take on THE WORLD… looking at least a decade younger, and feeling 1-2 decades renewed, the world looks as fresh and enthralling as
    it was when you were in your biological prime!

Metabolic Prime Is Perfect For You If...

You Work Hard At Your Job And You're Short On Time!

Executives, businesswomen and men, and folks who work hard at their careers simply cannot do without Metabolic Prime! That’s because it’s the SMART choice: it delivers the most results, in the least time.

The speed of the metabolic sets (only 45 seconds!), the length of each session (only 15 minutes!), and the puny time commitment each week (only 45 TOTAL minutes per week!) makes Metabolic Prime the only choice for the busy professional with a booked calendar.


“As a busy doctor, only 15 minutes 3x a week has completely changed my body”

“Dr. Jade’s program was the ONLY solution that helped me tone up, shrink hanging skin, and fix my hormones. Losing 100lbs... I totally changed my body and I keep dropping. This program worked for me. I LOVE It. I look and feel amazing.”

Kristen McElveen ND
Sunnyside, NY

You’re An “Empty Nester” And Prefer To Focus On Living Life!

Many Metabolic Prime customers are Empty Nesters… moms and pops whose kids have fled the coop. You now have more time to do the things you love: travel, hobbies, and rekindling your passion in every area of life.

That’s why Metabolic Prime is ideal for you. It’s like a life insurance policy, ensuring that this window of opportunity you’ve worked for all these years doesn’t pass you by. You want to spend your time doing what you love, not slaving away for hours in a gym.

Metabolic Prime will give you the energy to maximize these precious years without locking you down to a workout plan you won’t enjoy. You’ll love every SECOND of it… and the new lease on life it will give you!

“At 52 years old I can
see the beginning of my abs”

“As a school teacher I don’t have time for the gym. However, I can do 15 minutes, 3 times a week. In the first 9-weeks I’ve already lost 16 lbs. and 20 inches."

Kimberly Scibak
St. Paul, MN

“Love the Way I’m Looking”

"Wow! I went from a size 34 with my gut hanging down to a size 31. I haven’t worn a 31 since my high school graduation in 1977. I love the way I look.”

Anthony Agee
Rosedale, MD

You’re A Busy Mom Juggling More Balls Than A Circus Performer!

Some of our most raving reviews for Metabolic Prime come from moms across the globe. I watched as my own mom tried to stay fit and active as she raised my brother and I… and wow, what respect I have for the most important job on earth!

Now, what if I told you that Metabolic Prime can make mothering so much easier? Here’s why: mothers need more energy than their kids! And we both know how much energy our youngsters have, right?

That’s what time-warping your metabolism back to it’s prime can give you: the unbridled energy needed to not only keep up with your kids… you’ll also have plenty left over for that precious “you time” you need so desperately.


“Talk about Prime... My Tummy Never Looked Sexier...”

“Who thought losing 42 lbs. could be this fun? I LOVE these micro-bursts. When I started, I had ZERO energy and a lot of weight to lose. At 51, I went from a size 13 to a size 5. I can’t remember the last time I wore jeans this small! Jade’s program is fantastic.”

Kristin Poswilko
Parker, CO

“This Busy Mom Lost 66 lbs.”

“I’m consistently shrinking... So far I’ve lost a total of 66 lbs. and 43 inches around my entire body. I absolutely LOVE Jade. His programs WORK!”

Holly Campbell
Rosemount, MN


“I did it! I lost 107 lbs.”

“It took me 9 months and a few rounds of Jade’s program, but 107.5 lbs. are gone. I have more energy, I have muscle, and I have more confidence. I LOVE this program!”

Susan Hoke
Warren, OH

You’re A Weekend Warrior, Ex-Athlete, Or True Fitness Junkie!

Several of my most successful Metabolic Prime customers classify themselves as “weekend warriors.” These are guys and gals who work hard during the week and play hard on the weekends. You demand more out of your body, and that’s why Metabolic Prime is essential to your lifestyle.

In just 15 minutes, 3 days per week, you’ll up your game, increase your drive, lap your friends on the court, or run circles around your peers...all while you get into the best athletic shape of your life!

“I have more endurance now
to do the things I love”

“What a gift this program is... After suffering from insomnia for years, I’m THRILLED to say I sleep better, I have energy to spare, my cravings disappeared and my mood has improved - I’m less grouchy. I am an active person and now I have so much more endurance to do the things I love such as hiking, skiing, paddle boarding and yoga - I absolutely love it. Thank you, Jade!!!”

Nicole Tuttle
Nibley, UT

“I went to a local gym for 3 years,
6 days a week and GAINED weight...”

“Before I started this program I was strenuously exercising 6 days per week and gaining weight. 15 minutes, 3x a week and I lost the 15 pounds I gained at the gym. I love it!!”

Bonnie Durham
Kennewick, WA

You’re Retired And Taking It Easy!

Retirement is often quickly followed by an early demise. That’s because you are telling your body, “Hey, it’s time to shut it down. That long, dark night is approaching!” Why do that, when you have DECADES of youthful living ahead of you?

Metabolic Prime was designed to fit perfectly into the lifestyle of those over the age of 65. It will help you ward off age-related disease states like Alzheimer’s23, dementia24, osteoporosis25, diabetes26, heart disease27, and more.

And did you know that over 65, your body’s number one health enemy is sugar? Even healthy carbohydrates can be “mistaken” by your body as agents of disease. Metabolic Prime can retrain your body to process the carbs you love, burning them for fuel, instead of storing them as fat!

“My energy levels at age 76 are OMG!”

“This program made my upper body so strong. I’m on my 3rd
round, and I keep getting stronger and stronger. I can’t believe
how much energy I have! After just 15 minutes I feel upbeat, energetic and alive. All my 40-something friends say they want
to be me when they grow up.”

Brenda McNenny
Johnson City, TN

Let’s Be Honest… Are You A Couch Potato?

Many folks who are fit look down on “couch potatos”... but not me. I get it. You work hard, have a family, and you just need to chill out and reset your batteries. However, you and I both know that the couch potato lifestyle isn’t helping your body… so why not have both?

Remember: Metabolic Prime was created so you can start right on your couch if you have to. You can even do some of the metabolic sets while watching television! There’s no need to let life pass you by, or live it in a body that makes you cringe when you look in the mirror. Let’s get you into the shape you deserve, and restore your METABOLIC PRIME!

Here’s What You'll Receive Today...

Your Metabolic Prime 4-Phase Workout Videos:
(DVDs, Downloads or Both)

Smarter Is Better! And nothing is smarter than dialing you into your ideal body in just 15 minutes, 3 days per week! Get your metabolism automatically working FOR you by working smarter, not harder.

Enjoy these super-efficient “intelligent workouts” anywhere:  in DVD, instant download for your smartphone, tablet or computer or all of the above…

  • Each phase is just a lightning fast 3 weeks!
  • Each workout is just 15 minutes!
  • Each move is just 45 seconds!

Your Body Transformation Tracker:

Why Guess When You Can Know! By using this clever Body Transformation Tracker, you will know and feel beyond any doubt…

  • How fast your waistline is shrinking, and those bothersome “pockets” of fat are disappearing from your body!
  • How your body’s metabolism is “time-warping” back to its prime, with better sleep, less pain, more energy, and better digestion!
  • How your reborn metabolism is now shaving years off your appearance by going to work on your hair, nails, and even your skin!

Your Super-Simple Workout Calendar:

Each Checkmark Means You’re Progressing! You’ll always know exactly what to do next: which Phase, which workout, and the specific Primer Moves you need TODAY to move your body forward. You will…

  • Stay motivated as you watch your progress checkboxes pile up!
  • Enjoy the feeling of staying right on track…almost as if I was right in your living room, motivating you all the way to your perfect body!
  • Give your ego a boost every day by “quick-scanning” your momentum and the goals you’ve already achieved. “YES YOU CAN!” will become your mantra, and you’ll be amazed at how your renewed enthusiasm spreads to every area of your life!

Your “Rapid Results” Quick-start Guide:

In A Hurry? No Problem! I’ve created a 7-DAY QUICK START that guarantees you will drop at least a dress or pant size in less than a week! Think of this go-getters guide as…

  • Your “Cliff Notes” to stripping off off at least a pant or dress size before this time next week!
  • Your 5 minutes or LESS get going NOW blueprint…perfect if you’re as impatient as I
  • Your “Do It…Guaranteed!” insurance
    … who doesn’t have 5 MEASLY
    MINUTES to get started torching away your
    body fat and toning up your body?

And How About Letting Me Hand You
Over $91 In Metabolism-Priming Bonuses

Your 12-Week Metabolic Meals Plan (Value: $47, FREE!):

Want To Eat Your Way To Your Prime?

We’ve left no stone unturned for you… and that’s why I asked one of the top
lean-body gourmet chefs in the country
to help me hand-prepare 12 WEEKS of metabolism-rejuvenating recipes for

And yes, you get to eat CARBS!!!

Don’t let a bad diet de-rail your progress:  You’ll always have this tasty recipe lifeline right by your side, ensuring you can quickly whip up tasty meals designed to revitalize your metabolism… plus, they’re so delicious, the whole family will love them!
Think of this as…

  • Your 1-2 Prime-Time PUNCH! Once you combine the metabolism-rejuvenating workouts with these hunger-controlling, body-renewing meals, WATCH WHAT HAPPENS:  Your body’s fat-burning hormones are TURNED UP as your fat-storing hormones are SHUT DOWN for max body-sculpting effects!
  • Your heart-saving, brain-protecting, and stomach-easing BIBLE. You’ll be injecting detoxifying antioxidants, heart-healthy omega-3 fatty acids, gut-restoring friendly flora, and anti-inflammatory “youth nutrients” rapidly into your system…and you’ll watch in amazement at how youthful and energetic you’ll feel moments after every tasty meal!
  • Your “cheat to win” carb-lovers guide! Hey, I love a good carb-rich treat just like you do… so I made sure to include these downright DECADENT carb-feast meals right into the plan. The best part?  These actually signal your metabolism to burn fat even faster!  You’ll never feel like you’re “dieting”… in fact, you’ll wonder if it’s even LEGAL to eat like this and still be losing weight!

Your Body-Sculpting Bonus Burnout Workouts
(Value: $27, FREE!):

How Hard Core Are You? You haven’t tasted what RADICAL feels like until you’ve put your body through my BONUS body-sculpting burnout workouts. These are not for beginners or the faint of heart… they are completely optional… yet if you’ve got the guts, plus just 5 extra minutes, you can…

  • Dramatically accelerate your total body rejuvenation and body sculpting results that you can both see AND feel...
  • Trigger a more intense metabolic “aftershock” that will flood your body with even MORE youth-restoring, fat-burning hormones… for a FULL 48 HOURS!
  • “Burn off” any extra fatty acids the main workouts released into your bloodstream BEFORE your fat cells can suck them back in...

Plus Get This Fast Action Bonus!

Guaranteed Availability Only Until Today:

Tuesday, July 16th, 2024

The Truth About Belly Fat Loss
(Value: $17, FREE!)

Want the TRUTH about getting flat abs? I’m not only stripping away all the nonsensical “ab myths” you’ve been told… I’ll show you how to strip away as much belly fat as you want… right down to a rock-solid six pack for the guys, and a sexy trim tummy for the ladies! This is FOR YOU if…

  • You’ve been led to believe that crunches and cardio is the best way to flatten your tummy. This is a lie…and the TRUTH will relieve you!
  • You’ve always wanted a tummy you could be proud of… without “muffin tops”, “love handles”, or even “man-boobs!” Yes… the same tips you’ll discover in this tell-all bonus works for getting rid of that embarrassing “breast-like fat” around a man’s chest, and that outfit-destroying muffin top look that makes every woman cringe. Say “so long!” to these pesky fat patches FOREVER!
  • You’ve labored for years, maybe even decades, slaving away at “traditional” exercise… trying in vain to get that lean, flat stomach you crave. You’ll discover why 98% of all exercise CREATES BELLY FAT and can make your waistline look BIGGER… and precisely what to do to get the midsection you’ve always wanted…

I can’t guarantee that this stomach-flattening bonus worth $XX will be free beyond today, July 16, 2024, so make sure I can add it to your order at no charge by taking advantage of the INSANE discounted price I just negotiated with my publisher.

In fact, they said...

“You’ve Got To Be Crazy”

My Publishers Thought I Lost My Marbles
When I Revealed This New Price For Metabolic Prime...

A simple bout with a calculator will reveal my publisher’s retail price for The Metabolic Prime System:


And keep this in mind:

Even if you COULD hire me privately to teach
you this program… and these days, you can’t…
it would cost you $400 PER HOUR at the very

And to customize a meal plan like I have for you?
To customize each Phase to your specific level
of fitness? Forget about it… it would cost you
thousands of dollars.

I charge well over $1,000 to prescribe this
metabolism-rejuvenating system
to my A-list
clients and celebrities.

Despite the fact Metabolic Prime is easily worth this much money,
I decided to do something… a bit nuts.

It started when I told them my plan: to discount the price of the
entire Metabolic Prime System all the way down... to just $97.

“You’re crazy, Dr. Teta!”

“Nope… and guys…I’m JUST GETTING STARTED…”

My Craziest Discount EVER Was The Icing On The Cake...

When my publisher saw that I was serious, I hit them up with a plan to get the price down EVEN FURTHER:

  • I convinced them to pre-order 40,000 copies of Metabolic Prime so we
    could negotiate a massive discount from our manufacturer...
  • And that’s why I can offer you the remarkably low price you see below
    for the COMPLETE Metabolic Prime System.

This is such an insane discount, I’m not even positive that it’s still available. You’ll have to check to see if you still qualify below.

After these few copies are sold, we have to go up in price to an already radically discounted $97 for the entire System.

Check Below to See If The
62% Discount is Still Available...

The Metabolic Prime
90-Day Guarantee:

If in the Next 90 Days You Don't Pass All 5 of These
Life Transformation Tests
, I'll Send Your Money Back...

My father used to say, “A worker bee is worthy of their hire.” That’s the work ethic, intention, and dedication I put into every second of the Metabolic Prime workouts… every page of the Metabolic Prime manuals… and even every bonus I’m offering you today.

However, unless YOU think I’m “worthy of my hire”, I refuse to take a single penny out of your pocket.

So here’s my unreal 5-Way “Pass Every Test You Want” Guarantee:

  1. Metabolic Prime Will Nail “The 7-Day Energy Test!”
    You will experience a surge in your natural energy levels… so much that you’ll wonder what to do with all your newfound zest to “get to it” and live life… and that will happen for you within 7 days from today, or I’ll refund your entire investment in Metabolic Prime ASAP.
  2. Metabolic Prime Will Ace “The 14-Day Fat Loss Test!”
    You will see far less fat on your body as your natural, attractive body shape starts to reveal itself in 14 days from today or again: I’ll refund your entire investment in Metabolic Prime ASAP.
  3. Metabolic Prime Will Clobber “The 21-Day Body Sculpt Test!”
    You will see soft, saggy muscles tighten and firm up, while you experience more power, easier movement and more balance and coordination.  You’ll enjoy a more “sculpted” look that you desire in 21 days or less from now, or again: I’ll refund your entire investment in Metabolic Prime ASAP.
  4. Metabolic Prime Will Blow Your Mind With “The Mood Test!”
    You WILL be happier... it’s a simple as that. It’s one thing to look and feel your best. It’s another to be in the best mood of your life. Excited, present to all things both big and small. IN THE THICK OF LIVING BEAUTIFULLY! So if at ANY TIME during your experience with Metabolic Prime, you do not experience this lift in your mood...you guessed it: I’ll refund your entire investment in Metabolic Prime ASAP.
  5. Metabolic Prime’s “Let The World Prove It TO YOU Test!”
    You’ll receive a compliment every day once you hit the 35 day mark in Metabolic Prime… from strangers, friends, family members, loved ones… they can’t help but notice the changes in your body and your energy. So I’m willing to let OTHERS verify your results as well! And if they don’t? You got it… I’ll refund your entire investment in Metabolic Prime ASAP.

You literally cannot get any more fair than that. So let me take all the risk off your shoulders with this remarkable 5-test guarantee…

...just click the button below to secure your discount and free stomach-flattening bonus while they’re still available:

5 Little-Known Reasons Men And Women Everywhere
Are Flocking To Metabolic Prime...

The most obvious reason we have over 100,000 men and women, age 37-83, responding like crazy to Metabolic Prime is simple:

You burn fat, tone muscle and turn back the clock in just 15 minutes,
3 days per week

  • Nothing is faster...
  • Nothing else targets and builds body-rejuvenating MPAs...
  • Nothing even comes close to Metabolic Prime...

However, we documented 5 ADDITIONAL reasons some of our most satisfied customers bought Metabolic Prime…

… and some of these were downright genius...

Genius Reason #1: “It increased my sexual drive and performance!”

This isn’t something we talk about a lot: we’ve had customers swear by it when it comes to increasing the quality and frequency of their love life.

I believe this is due to a natural increase in the sex-driving hormones in both men and women. The MPAs released by Metabolic Prime’s “micro-bursts” stimulate these hormones.  Plus, the mere fact that you’ll look and feel better overall, I’m sure creates an additional “spark”!

Genius Reason #2: “It took years off my face and improved my skin!”

When you lose weight, you will look younger. Almost everyone has that experience. However, it’s another thing to see fewer lines, improved skin tone, and a more youthful glow.

MPAs signal skin cells to repair faster. Collagen, the protein required to keep your skin looking young, can increase. And that glow? That’s from the stimulation of your “fountain of youth” hormone, hGH!

Genius Reason #3: “It lets me sleep like a baby!”

Sleep is vital for your health. This is especially true if you’re over 40. Many disease states result simply from your body losing sleep. This occurs in most people as they age.

Metabolic Prime can induce deeper, more restful sleep. There are 3 reasons why. First, MPAs signal the brain to relax and rest more efficiently. Second, the increase in the youth hormone hGH is known to help with sleep. Third, your body will naturally sleep better to repair itself after the workouts.

Genius Reason #4: “It saves me a small fortune!”

You’ll save money on gym fees, personal trainer costs, equipment costs, and drive-time to and from your workout. That much is obvious. However, the hidden savings come because your natural appetite suppressing hormones are on full alert, so you naturally and easily eat less. Plus you will have more energy so you can get more done in a day. For you, that may mean more revenue you can earn, or even a pay raise!

Genius Reason #5: “It saved my joints!”

While 99% of the workouts out there stress your joints, Metabolic Prime was designed to help nourish them. You’ll feel more fluid. You’ll move about easier. You’ll roll out of bed in the morning without that fear of the first step. And your increased MPAs will signal your tendons and joint-supporting ligaments to strengthen!

Those are some pretty convincing reasons to give Metabolic Prime a risk-free trial today -- there’s literally nothing to lose except unwanted fat:

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Here's What Other People Are
Saying About Metabolic Prime...

“This Really Worked for Me”

“I went to the gym 5 days a week so I had a hard time believing a 15-minute workout would do the trick... But it DID. When I was at the gym, I couldn’t lose the gut... But this program did it. My mid-section is shrinking and my clothes are loose. My energy is amazing. I used to go home and fall asleep. Now I’ve got energy all through the day and night. I’m sold. This really worked for me.”

John Elze
Forney, TX

“I’ve never been able to do this many push-ups... Amazing!”
Anissa Gaskin
Jackson, MI

“As a long time exerciser, I have done a LOT of programs, but I was having to workout longer and harder for the same results. Thankfully, with Jade’s program I am getting a lot more... without nagging injuries and joint & muscle pain.
Deanne Mulvehill
Rapid City, SD

“I cannot believe the energy increase. I haven’t slept this well since before I had kids.”
Bond Ruggles
New Orleans, LA

I have more time for life. I watch people waste so much time at the gym with poor results. Who doesn't have 15 minutes a day or just 45 minutes a week? You start and then it is over, it is the first work out that I have looked forward to doing EVER! And you can tell by just looking at me.”
Michelle Sweet
Lake Isabella, CA

“I have more energy and feel lighter on my feet, ready to go out and do things. Losing weight is great, but having more energy, sleeping better and waking up more rested and refreshed is amazing.”
Dean Springer
Richfield, MN

“This 15-minute workout is intense! It’s powerful, and I feel energized all day! My sleep is improved and my back pain has decreased. Thanks, Dr. Jade!!!”
Sunny Giesbrecht

“After the big snow storm
in New Jersey I shoveled 100 feet of sidewalk in the morning and again at night... and
it was a breeze and I
am 51 years old.
Thank you!
I owe you my new life!”
Arnaldo Castillo
Paramus, NJ

“After the 1st week I lost 6 lbs. They are only 15 minutes, but these workouts kick your butt.
I’m already developing badass leg muscles, plus I FEEL BETTER. I love this program.”
Faith Mcrory
Alameda, CA

“At age 64, I look and feel younger than I have in years. I’ve even had people ask me if I’m my husband’s daughter, and he’s only 6 years older than me. I love that! I've lost 46 lbs and over 26 inches since July.”
Susie Dueringer
Gibson City, IL

Lost my love handles which
I’ve had forever. Now I am very tight. AND... if you put a sack over my head, you would not know I am 65!”
Morris Rogers
Winchester, TN

“Toned arms, legs, belly and butt... I have so much more confidence in myself. Can't wait to wear a bikini on the beach and I'm 52 years old! It doesn't get any better than this! Only 15 minutes 3x a week.”
Lisa Dandegian
Yardley, PA

My husband noticed the change in my body after just 2 weeks. I love this!
It’s quick and easy, and I’ve kicked my sugar habit with no cravings.”
Lisa Reid
Trenton, MO

“I work from 5 am to 10 pm most days due to having 2 businesses to run. I love the high intensity workout for 15 minutes. I also live on the road and I can do it anywhere!
Joyce Pellegrini
Largo, FL

I lost flab so easily and I didn't burn-out, crave sweets, or get a headache like I usually get after a gym class. Before Jade, I thought I was destined to continually gain weight and feel exhausted. Not anymore. Thanks, Dr. Jade!”
Nikki Stringer

I love the energy and the
mental clarity
I get after the workouts. It’s almost as good
as when I meditate.”
Katie Ryan
Pebble Beach, CA.

“I was having a hard time carrying my son and keeping up with him, but after this program my strength and energy has shot through the roof. Love this!!! This is a great workout. Having an 18-month old makes it hard to find the time to workout, but only 15 minutes 3x a week, makes it easy. Dr Jade is very motivating. I highly recommend it.”
Jennifer O’Brien

“15 lbs. gone, energy levels are OMG and no more afternoon naps... energy abounds. Easy, works... and tones you up. Love it.”
Bert Eickhoff
Nokomis, IL

“People that know me noticed a change within 3 short weeks. I am healthier, I look really fit, and I even quit my gym membership because Dr Jade gave me FAR better results. I look and feel better than I did in my thirties and I am 51. It’s a miracle.”
Janet Williams
South Euclid, OH

“The science is solid... it makes sense and it works. The proof is... I am leaner and stronger than ever.
Deanne Mulvehill
Rapid City, SD

A Final Appeal To Your Common Sense...

Folks our age have it in spades:

Common sense.

My dad used to call it “horse sense”... I call it “street smarts.”

So here’s a question for your common sense to answer:

What will happen to your metabolism if you don’t make a move and pick up Metabolic Prime today?

Let me shoot straight with you:

  • You will continue to age rapidly...
  • Your health may be in crisis before you know it…
  • The quality of your life will spiral downward...
  • Your desire to get back in the game of your prime will wither away, along with your precious muscle, bone, and organ tissue...

And I desire SO much more for you than that, my friend. So much more!

So let me paint a different picture for you now:
It’s a week from today.

What day will that be?

Got it in your head?


Just 7 days from now, you look in your bathroom mirror.

It’s the same old mirror, but it has a brand new reflection.

The “you” that’s looking back has a youthful new glow, and a smile that broadcasts optimism to the world.

This “you” is about to take the world by storm.

You now know that your MPAs have started to come back to life...and your metabolism is already showing the signs of “time travel.”

Jump ahead 3 weeks from that day.

Today you couldn’t stop it from coming: those compliments from your friends, coworkers, and loved ones. Everyone is in awe of what you’ve managed to accomplish over the past 30 days…

...and most important, you’re in awe of yourself:

  • You stand with pride, beaming from your eyes like a lighthouse in the night.
  • You know beyond an inkling of a doubt that you’ve done it: You’ve re-entered your metabolic prime of life.
  • You’ve re-programmed that ancient, out-of-date DNA that turned off your youthful MPA production.
  • You’ve dropped the pounds you wanted to release and added a sexy new shape and tone to your muscle.
  • You rest easier at night, knowing that you’ve just given yourself the best shot possible at a longer, healthier life…for yourself, your kids, your partner, and your lineage.

In the past 30 days, you’ve done far more than lose weight and tone up:

You’ve recreated yourself anew.

Down to the very cell, you are a new person: metabolically younger, energetically powerful, and mentally sharp as a master chef’s knife.

And it all started with the decision you’ll make today. The only smart decision that’s possible.

So click the button below, make the common sense choice any savvy person would make, and reserve your copy of Metabolic Prime today:

I look forward to greeting you inside The Metabolic Prime Members Area, and I’ll speak to you on the very next page!

Yours In Metabolic Youth,
Dr. Jade Teta

P.S. Please understand that I can only offer my 15-Minute Fast Action Discount to a few lucky readers today. If the timer on the page is still counting down, then you may
be in luck:

A Special Personal Note for People With Children of Any Age...

I don’t feel as if I covered the entire story, so keep reading and bear with me, as this affects the health your loved ones...especially your children.

We pass personality traits down through our RNA. Think of RNA as the “front-runner” to DNA. While DNA is the blueprint to build “you”, RNA is the nitty-gritty of what defines you.

Unfortunately, we can pass our eating habits, addictions and other poor lifestyle choices down to our children. Perhaps you inherited some unlucky genes from your folks, as I did from mine.

I don’t blame them… they didn’t know, and neither did you. Yet that’s what we’re facing today…

… and I’d like you to consider rewriting history for your family’s sake.

While you cannot redo your child’s genetics, you can influence their daily decisions when it comes to how they move and what they choose to eat.

Our team here at Metabolic Prime has noticed that once our customers improve and rejuvenate their metabolisms, their children often take on healthier habits.

Customers report that their kids are getting better grades… paying attention in class more consistently… excelling at sports and hobbies… and experiencing feelings of enhanced self-esteem.

If for no other reason, I’d like you to try Metabolic Prime on me for the next 90 days without any chance of losing a single penny…

… and I’d like to give this opportunity to you because I value your health, and the health of our future generations.

It’s up to us to help forge our soon-to-be leaders, entrepreneurs, parents, and caregivers.

Let’s make it a better future by creating a better you.

And let’s start right now!

Frequently Asked Questions About Metabolic Prime...

“Dr. Teta, how soon will I receive Metabolic Prime?”

When you order the digital downloadable version, you’ll receive a link to download it instantly.  When you order the physical printed version that’s rush shipped to you, you’ll receive it within 5 - 8 days if you live in the US, or 5 - 11 days if you live outside the US.

Plus, when you order the physical printed version, you also get immediate access to the digital download version as yet another free bonus.  That’s because I know how anxious my clients get at the thought of time-warping their metabolism back to their prime -- they simply can’t wait to get started!

“Dr. Teta, is Metabolic Prime safe?”

It’s the safest workout I’ve ever developed...by far. It’s joint-friendly, low impact, and helps stretch out the muscles that create the most tension in your body. That means you’ll feel more relaxed all day and night, and you’ll sleep like a baby.

What’s truly dangerous is doing nothing… we both know that. Just rest easy, as Metabolic Prime is your best choice when it comes to the safety of the workouts, and the health of your body.

“Dr. Teta, do I need to be in good shape to do the Metabolic Prime moves?”

No… in fact, you can start on your couch if need be. Plus, the variations and options for each move allow you to challenge yourself no matter what your fitness level is -- beginner, intermediate or advanced.

You should always have a chat with your doctor first just to make sure he agrees with your new fitness goals. Chances are fantastic that your doctor will love to see you taking your health more seriously!

“Dr. Teta, does Metabolic Prime require a gym membership or equipment?”

You can start your workouts with nothing more than the clothes on your back and your television or computer! That’s it. Once you’re ready, you can move up to using inexpensive in-home dumbbells or exercise bands… but only if you want.  You can continue with just bodyweight for as long as you need.

A gym membership is NEVER required (although you can do Metabolic Prime workouts anywhere, including a gym if that’s what you desire.)

“Dr. Teta, my friend is doing Metabolic Prime, and she lost like 30 pounds in a little over a month. Is this common?”

While we do see some pretty wild weight loss results, I would not say that much weight loss so soon is common. In fact, I would encourage her to eat a bit more food. Your ideal weight loss target is about 2-3 pounds a week.  

This of course will vary from one person to the next, but that’s a good general target.  And keep in mind: adding lean muscle and bone density to your body will help burn off even more calories while you rest at night.

“Dr. Teta, how did you come up with Metabolic Prime?”

Some of my most demanding personal training clients are busy executives and have very limited time. I was forced to be creative… to come up with something that they would actually do, even when I wasn’t around. That was the key.

It’s one thing to have a personal trainer by your side. It’s another to be by yourself. So I needed a workout plan SO BABY SIMPLE AND FAST that my picky clients get superb results, even when traveling or during super-stressful times.

That was the birth of “The World’s Fastest Workout”... greed and speed!

“Dr. Teta, is there science to support MPAs?”

MPAs have some very compelling science behind them. And truth be told: it was actually Keoni, my “brainiac” older brother (who is also a doctor) who tipped me off to why we were seeing the “timewarp effect” in our client’s metabolic rate.

In fact, we actually co-authored an entire research paper that was published in the February, 2009 edition of the Townsend Letter -- one of the most respected medical publications around.28

At the end of this letter in the Scientific References section, you’ll find a fairly exhaustive list of peer-reviewed studies that we unearthed that validate the power of the metabolic molecules that the Metabolic Prime workouts help to release.

“Dr. Teta, is Metabolic Prime guaranteed to make me lose weight and tone up my body?”

Down to the PENNY! If you just so happen to be among the FEW who do not respond quickly enough to Metabolic Prime, and you’re impatient, then I’m happy to refund every penny. You have a full 90 days to see the effects for yourself, however, so by then you’ll need no further proof than your favorite mirror!

And if for any reason you’re not absolutely thrilled with the quality of the Metabolic Prime instructional videos, tutorials, manuals, and bonuses, simply email us at [email protected] and we’ll refund your entire investment today… no hassles, and zero hard feelings.

I am 100% committed to your health and happiness, so unless Metabolic Prime is absolutely rocking your world, I won’t ask you for a red cent. Fair?

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